Big changes are coming to this “blog”. I’m starting this little thing here in English here because, well, that was how it was going to be. I would be writing in English. Which I did, for a little while.

But I suck at publicizing myself (and maybe I write crap content). It’s not going as well as I thought it would. Or as I HOPED it would, anyway.

Am I being impatient? Most probably… I also think I like to talk about stuff that really isn’t that interesting to anyone but me! And that’s okay, I can totally live with that. Blogging is not a passion of mine, so I don’t care all that much in the end. Stories, though? That’s something else entirely.

Prepare yourself because I’m right about to switch back to writing in French. Right here in what may be the last blog post I write for a very long time, seeing as I really should concentrate on writing stories (short and novel-length) anyway.

So there you go… I’m done with English (for now). If you’re into that sort of thing, French starts up after the cut! See you on the other side… or not! 😉

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