Goliath really does enjoy those kale chips… they crunch!

Aaaah… Kale… Everybody’s favorite trendy green.

Don’t worry, I know it’s not. Especially now that it’s been deemed the “most contaminated vegetable”, according to some news outlets. (source)

When I was 100% paleo, some years ago, I did eat a whole lot of kale. Enough to kind of get sick of it, actually. Now, I don’t eat it as much as I did. But once in a while, I do crave them chips.

To be honest, I think this technique could work for spinach or any other sort of leafy green you want to make into a chip. This being said, it’s only a theory because I haven’t tried it. Not yet!

If I did not create the recipe, I honestly can’t find the one I used way back when. Which is why you get the recipe listed here instead of getting a link.

• 1 bunch of Kale (about 4 cups in the video)
• 2 Tbsp of Walnut oil
• 1 Tbsp of Tamari sauce

1. Rip the leaves from the stems.
2. Massage the leaves as you rinse and then dry them.
3. Add the oil and sauce, still massaging to make the leaves tender.
4. Spread them out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or aluminum.
5. Bake at 400º F. After 10 minutes, move the leaves around on the sheet. Another 5 minutes later, you can check them out and start picking the ones that are baked and crispy.
6. Keep at it until everything is baked.


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