This subject was one of the very first ones I wanted to talk about when I started this whole thing. Just for that, I should have had notes handy with clear subjects and bullet points… and maybe even some kind of PowerPoint presentation could have helped.

I had none of those. Decided to start babbling and just film it. I’m not entirely sure it’s a good way to go, to be honest with you. I know I’m just starting out, and I’ll probably get better at saying what I want to say. I hope I will.

Never was much of a public speaker to begin with, so this here is quite the adaptation. And I kind of noticed my speech is generally slower and more tentative than it was before (even in French). That’s why I end up having to edit a lot (cutting out the parts where I zone out or am looking for words). All of this to say that I chose to speed up the video just a little (preserving the pitch so I don’t sound like a damn chipmunk).

So if you feel the rhythm is little wonky at times, that could be why.

This is not the subject of the video… what I’m actually talking about in there is food. (When is it not, am I right?). I tried to be concise and not get lost too much in the details, although at around twenty minutes, I kind of do it anyway.

As I say in the video, if you feel there’s anything you need clarifications about, or if you have questions, or just feel like discussing the matter, I’m all ears and eyes and whatever else. It could be here, on Youtube, or on any of my social medias. You can even decide to send me an email if doing this publicly isn’t your thing.

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